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Monitoring for gravity changes at Syowa station


Continuous gravity measurement with a superconducting gravimeter (SG) has been conducted at Syowa Station since a first installation of SG TT-70#016 with a 10K cryocooler in 1993, and the observed data have been applied to various studies as the only SG continuous gravity observation in the Antarctica. The SG TT-70#016 had been replaced by a SG CT#043 with a 4K cryocooler in 2003. The gravity data obtained from the SG CT#043 were contaminated by a large instrumental drift and cryocooler’s noise. In addition, we were unable to maintain the cryocooler of SG CT#043 because of its manufacturer bankruptcy. Then, the SG CT#043 was renewed to a new SG OSG#058 with a 4K cryocooler (Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.) during Dec. 2009 - Jan. 2010. In this period, the SG OSG#058 was also calibrated by absolute gravimeters.

After the renewal, the SG data obtained at Syowa Station are delivered to Japan by FTP protocol via the INTELSAT communication link everyday.

SG Daily Data and Status.
TT-70#016 data from Mar. 1993 to Jan. 2003
CT#043 data from Feb. 2003 to Dec. 2009
OSG#058 data from Jan. 2010